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Ladies and gentlemen I have a story to tell to you.

I'm starting from the beginning even though most of you probably know the majority of this tale.

So a couple weeks ago my brother found a flier in the local newspaper advertising a book called Demigod: The Knights of Order by Joseph A. D. (check out the paperback version here:… or the e-book version here:… )  This was already quite an oddity since never before had either one of us seen a flier advertising a novel in a newspaper but the fact that it was in the newspaper gave a good indication that it must be a local author, another rarity in these parts. 

My brother kept the flier and after showing me it, we began to wonder:

Just who is Jospeh A.D.?

On the flier, it had a generic link to and after some searching, we found his book (see above links) and his fuller name: Joesph A. Dick. With a full author's name now available, we searched the local library card catalogue and found what we assumed to be two other books by him: Chronicle of the 13th Guardian and then the amazing Lovely Hearts that you heard me rant about with the some of the errors. Weirdly enough that made me love it more. I mean DINT.
I then ordered and consequently checked out the two books from the library and finished reading Lovely Hearts and what I found in the back of it was an address for fanmail. What books do that nowadays? Why don't books do that nowadays? I wrote up a letter addressed to the fan mail address in Lovely Hearts, hoping it was the same guy and that the address was still current. The book is four or five years old and people move so you never know. I was thinking about sending it this week but then I find out today that my brother already sent out a letter to him last week and he didn't bother to tell me.

I would like to take this time now in the journal to mention just how awesome and cool my brother is who totally has no role whatsoever in typing this particular paragraph and inserting it into my journal for the lulz while I'm away from the computer. He is so majestic and magnificent, even more magnificent than Suleiman the Magnificent except less Ottoman Empire associated.

Stupid brother. He loves to invade my journals.

Anyway, I didn't know he sent his letter but today when he was walking from the post office to pick me up from school, I saw he was carrying a package in his arms. I figured it was something my mom had ordered but silently hoped it was for me. When he got to me, he laughed as I took it from him.

Believe it or not, Joseph A. Dick replied and sent a package.

So I'm freaking out here now. I'm yelling with glee that we made contact with Joseph A. Dick and my brother and I kept laughing about how awesome that is as we go into the library. I'm telling this story to the librarian there next time, she was busy today on the phone but I think she'll enjoy the tale when she has more time to hear it.

I get home and open the package. Inside is a brand spankin' new copy of Demigod: The Knights of Order that is SIGNED. There is also a business card and a letter to my brother.


I love Jospeh A. Dick right now. That is so awesome!

So people please go check out his books! He's a guy like me (relatively speaking as an individual, I'm not a guy!) trying to get out there and I respect that. :)
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Schmitty McDurblehead
United States
Hey there!

Feel free to check out my art. I Love to draw, but on top of drawing, I love to write as well. At the moment I'm writing a story called The Everwhite Angel. It means SO much to me, and I often refer to it as my baby since it's so important to me. It's impacted my life in the greatest way, so don't been shocked when almost everything you see in my gallery is TEA related. =p

Anyways, look forward to reading some chapters of TEA when I have them done, though it may be a while and while you wait feel free to say hi!

The Everwhite Angel Novel Stamp by Gneiss-chert SDS Stamp by Gneiss-chert I love Agar by Gneiss-chertI've been charmed stamp by Gneiss-chertCHIBI Justin Stamp by Gneiss-chertMiral Fan by Gneiss-chertKatenna Fan by Gneiss-chertTalos Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chertGalena Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chertAndeos Stamp by Gneiss-chertSara Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chert Crazy Cat Stamp by Leafbreeze7 I love rain stamp by Leafbreeze7

The people listed in the widget below are some of my best friends. GO check them out!

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