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Hello my friendly unicorn friends, I made through week one of school.

I love all of my teachers this year! Though I do have some things I don't like about certain ones. Least favorite is math, which i didn't quite care for that anyway but the teacher is very intimidating and scary. He's nice though, but on the fifth day of school he called a student an ass. LOL my brother says it's not the first time but the student deserved it. He's very good at his job but I feel that his wife, who I had last year, does a better job at explaining it. She also makes it fun. But I love my seat in that class, I have one little four desk group in which me and my friends sit and I love that.

I LOVE English this year. MY teacher has amazing stories that he relates to the lesson, I mean he knew this one kid who popped a wheelie off the cliff at Lake Erie and landed at the bottom Indian style with the bike exploded.

He explains things really well too, last year my teacher was more interested in acting out Romeo and Juliet (like she tried to act but it wasn't good. And she was the drama teacher too) instead of explaining it.

My Spanish teacher is as quirky and lovable as ever. She had her speakers stolen and then went and took someone else's. LOL she was upbeat and happy the whole time. I love Senora.

In History I"m conflicted, I like the teacher and her methods of teaching, but for some reason I feel that what she's teaching isn't quite right. Last year I loved my history teacher, he paid attention to his students and I regard that highly.

in science, I'm surprised. I've heard that this lasy was evil, but think she's a sweetheart. I'm gonna love Biology. :) Except for the one day she showed us a tarantula skin.

This is how bad my fear of them is. It was a SKIN and it still made me want to leave the room hide in the bathroom and curl up in a ball and cry. It's a violent phobia.

Art is the exact same as last year. Same teacher, same fun stuff.

This year I have a financial aid class thing the first half of the year and then health the second. My teachers really sweet and I"m understanding it all so far to which is lovely dovely.

Anyways, I have no classes witht he one stupid chick that caused so much drama last year THANK GOD! However there is a new kid who apparently is an adult and did time or something. He said "I'd be graduated if I hadn't messed up."

And I heard, from a source that I can't say is completely reliable, but it would explain something, that the other adult guy kid thing is a child molester, but frankly my school is retarded but it's not so stupid as to let a child molester back into the school.

So school is doing good, I'm more tired than usual now but that's to be expected. Sorry that hte art flow has slowed down, I haven't exactly been motivated, plus a little game called Rune Factory 4 (cue the groans) has come back into my life. I told my friend that there was a character fro ma game that I liked she goes "What game" and I tell her and then she just starts laughing  hysterically. She knows my addiction.

Pointless story is pointless. Anyways, I'm reading two books at once, Gentleman Captain, which is historical fiction and NOT Teen fiction and is really good. However, the other book ties into the grand ole mystery of Joseph A. Dick.

Let me explain.

So about a week ago in teh newspaper there was a handout advertising a new book by Joseph A. D. I figured that if it's a handout then the guy must be pretty close by. So I looked him up and founf his name is Joseph Adam Dick, who wrote that book, which I can't remember the title, and two others. The one I'm reading is called Lovely Hearts.

I"ll talk about that book here in a second. The weird thing is when I look him up only two books come up, but I can't find the third. And he has two pages on Goodreads but I'm almost positive its' the same dude. FUN FACT

I can send him mail.

Will I? Probably. :)

Now onto lovely hearts. So many errors. I"m not even halfway through and I have a list. Grammar Nazis, prepare yourselves.

"Then he seen."
There instead of their
their papers are do Thursday.
He put furry instead of fury.
he put I"ll when he meant It'll
and last but not least



d-i-d-n-'-t DIDN'T NOT DINT


Stupid butt cheek state accents.

There will be more to come I'm sure.


HAPPY GAD MY PEOPLES! Have a fabulous Labor Day and Genius Appreciation Day. Hard to believe August is over almost. Won't be long before 2015 arrives.

How are you all? Are you well? If you're a student have you started school and if so how is it?


I forgot to mention the best part about this school year. My school now has a book club! WOOO I joined of course.

Plus my principle isn't so bad. :)
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Schmitty McDurblehead
United States
Hey there!

Feel free to check out my art. I Love to draw, but on top of drawing, I love to write as well. At the moment I'm writing a story called The Everwhite Angel. It means SO much to me, and I often refer to it as my baby since it's so important to me. It's impacted my life in the greatest way, so don't been shocked when almost everything you see in my gallery is TEA related. =p

Anyways, look forward to reading some chapters of TEA when I have them done, though it may be a while and while you wait feel free to say hi!

The Everwhite Angel Novel Stamp by Gneiss-chert SDS Stamp by Gneiss-chert I love Agar by Gneiss-chertI've been charmed stamp by Gneiss-chertCHIBI Justin Stamp by Gneiss-chertMiral Fan by Gneiss-chertKatenna Fan by Gneiss-chertTalos Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chertGalena Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chertAndeos Stamp by Gneiss-chertSara Fan Stamp by Gneiss-chert Crazy Cat Stamp by Leafbreeze7 I love rain stamp by Leafbreeze7

The people listed in the widget below are some of my best friends. GO check them out!

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Kai then and now by TheArtisticPony
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Everwhite Warrior Female by TheArtisticPony
Princess of the night digital by TheArtisticPony
Commission:Animiko by TheArtisticPony
Digitally done drawings of up to four characters no big scenes. Please provide references.
Drunken Wednesday #26 by TheArtisticPony
Moonlight Howl by TheArtisticPony
Commission for ezioauditore97 by TheArtisticPony
At Sunset WIP by TheArtisticPony
Commission:Animiko by TheArtisticPony
Either colored pencil, sketch, watercolor, crosshatching or digital. Please provide character references and if needed,background reference as well.


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Thank you very much for faving!! :glomp:
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You're so welcome! Thank you for the llama!
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Here's something I'd like to know:

What is it about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that makes it so popular, even with adults?
TheArtisticPony Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Well my friend I'll tell ya.

It teaches good morals for one thing. The animation is really well done and the characters are fun and enjoyable to watch. Really well written stories and lessons that people of any age can relate to. Plus it's cute. I find no problem in grown men thinking something is cute even if it's not looked upon as "manly".

And it's in a non sexual way thank you, a lot of people are all like JF:DNSFNDSF and spasming all over thinking they are giant pervs after their children.

I've heard it explained way better. I don't know if you've even watched the show or not but if you haven't then give it a chance maybe.

It's not half bad.
BreenBeans Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
 "...a lot of people are all like JF:D (Big Grin)NSFNDSF and spasming all over thinking they are giant pervs after their children."

Wait wot?
TheArtisticPony Featured By Owner 6 days ago
The men who watch the show, a lot of people freak out about it, They think they are perverts after their children or something.
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